Who is Amanda Schmalz?

Thanks for taking the time to come by and view my portfolio! I strive to provide clients and employers with innovative, fresh designs tailored to their specific needs. Being highly adaptable and knowledgeable in a variety of different styles, target audiences, platforms, and beyond is a skill I continue to develop and perfect. 

I have been fortunate enough to work with an incredibly diverse range of clientele, teaching me to be flexible within different styles and quickly adapt to branding guidelines. Throughout 10+ years of on-site and freelance creative positions, I have grown to understand and acknowledge a design's impact on how a company is perceived. All of my work is done with immense pride and no set limitations. Graphic design truly is my passion and not something I take lightly when given a task. I hope to continue to expand my capabilities and never accept "good enough" solely for my own benefit.

In addition to the daytime career as a mild-mannered graphic designer, I am also a random and useless trivia enthusiast, baseball fan, avid reader, comic book nut, and all-around nerd.